LSU Dining

            In order to refuel the body and mind, many students schedule classes around lunch. Director of LSU Dining David Heidke said that’s why LSU offers many dining areas on campus, including the Tiger Lair in the Student Union. “Our Chick-fil-A location is the favorite followed closely by Pizza Hut and Blimpie,” said Heidke. The Tiger Lair also offers sushi, salads, hot plates, and many snack items.

A student could elect to buy a snack at a cheaper price. This begs the question, how much food does it take to make a meal rather than just a snack? LSU Food Science professor Sam Godbar said an average student should eat about 500 calories for lunch, which is far less than a salad or snack would provide. “A female student needs about 2,000 calories a day, a male about 2,500 or 3,000,” said Godbar. “A student should eat about 25 percent of that number for lunch.”

Therefore, a student must eat more food to fill up. Heidke said the all you can eat buffets are the best bargains on campus. “The best deal on campus is the 459 Commons or the Magnolia Room.”

The Magnolia Room offers 30 meals a semester for $205 or 50 meals a semester for $334. The 459 Commons charges $5.50 from 7 am to 10:30 am, then $8.25 until 4:30, and $9.25 until close at 7 pm.

Heidke said some students have found a loophole by arriving just before each time period begins to pay a cheaper rate. “We really can’t do anything about it, but there may be instances where that’s just their schedule, and it rolls from breakfast to lunch,” said Heidke.




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